Forgiveness & Fringe Benefits

Dec 8 2017


The great thing about forgiveness is that once we forgive ourselves …to really let go of that heavy guilt baggage …we behave better in the future. Lack of forgiveness and self-condemnation creates turmoil and pain and we are more likely to lash out with anger and defensiveness. So letting go has even more benefits. We are less likely to be critical or cruel to others. We feel better on the inside, happier. We are less reliant on external items like cars, and dress sizes to feel worthy and valuable.

Everyone makes mistakes and we need not punish ourselves for a lifetime. Rather, when we practice forgiveness we can be our true selves who are meant to be happy, self-content, and in loving relationship with others. Forgiveness is how we can pay the ransom when our peace of mind has been stolen and it returns us to our original state of innocence and love.

Babies come into the world innocent, joyful and loving. They are incapable of ill intent. We look at them and smile and feel love for them which creates a sense of warmth and happiness within ourselves. They remind us of the truth: we were born as innocent loving babies, created just the way we were meant to be. Self-forgiveness returns us to that original state of innocence and love. You are worthy! You are loveable! You are Devine.