Personal Growth and Development Help You to Become Your Best Self and Achieve Success!

Nov 30 2017


I know you want to be your best self, sometimes it is hard to figure out what is getting in the way! It it important to believe you can achieve your goals, be successfully and have amazing relationships. We want to feel content, happy and have amazing relationships, but sometimes the path to getting there seems unclear.

There are several blocks that get in the way of becoming your best self including guilt, shame, resentments and judgements. Guilt, shame, resentments and judgements keep us from seeing our true divine, valuable Self. If we can let go of these blocks we can heal, find happiness and joy. We can learn to focus on compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others.

You can change:

  • Anger into Love and Peace
  • Fear into Love
  • Self doubt into Confidence
  • Tension into Relaxation
  • Distraction into Focus
  • Hopelessness into Hope
  • Irritability into Patience
  • Judging into Accepting and Compassion
  • Stinginess into Generosity
  • Weighted down into Lightness
  • Low energy into High Energy
  • Constriction into Flow
  • Jealousy into Trust
  • Pessimism into Optimism
  • Self-pity into Gratitude
  • Heavy heart into Light-hearted
  • Insecurity into Reassurance
  • When we let go of guilt and forgive ourselves we can listen to our soul and follow our heart.