Personal Growth & Development Help You to Become Your Best Self & Achieve Success!


I know you want to be your best self, sometimes it is hard to figure out what is getting in the way! It it important to believe you can achieve your goals, be successfully and have amazing relationships. We want to feel content, happy and have amazing relationships, but sometimes the path to getting there seems unclear.

 Guilt & Self-Forgiveness


One minute you are noticing the beautiful blue sky, and the next your thoughts are full of angst. You start thinking about something you regret having said, something you regret having done, or a mistake you made. It feels like your mind has suddenly been kidnapped by self doubt and guilt. The kidnappers have stolen your peace of mind and left guilt, anger, fear and self condemnation. Have you ever experienced this?

 Forgiveness & Fringe Benefits


The great thing about forgiveness is that once we forgive ourselves …to really let go of that heavy guilt baggage …we behave better in the future. Lack of forgiveness and self-condemnation creates turmoil and pain and we are more likely to lash out with anger and defensiveness. So letting go has even more benefits. We are less likely to be critical or cruel to others. We feel better on the inside, happier. We are less reliant on external items like cars, and dress sizes to feel worthy and valuable.